October 2, 2017 / President's Letters

October 2017 President's Letter – What's the Big Deal?

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Illustration by Younts Design for Doors Open Baltimore

Say it in your best movie premiere voice…ALL ARCHITECTURE! ALL THE TIME!
That’s right, October is Baltimore Architecture Month! So, what’s the big deal?
The big deal is this is an opportunity to highlight architecture at a local level with a month-long series of events. It’s a month of conversations with each other and the public about the value of design and the significant role architecture plays in society.
The big deal is this a time for us to show leadership in the revitalization of communities. Baltimore and the region have a rich history and are ever evolving. Learn how renovation of existing buildings as well as new development have an impact on transforming communities.
The big deal is this is a chance to explore the history of architecture in our region, how it has shaped where we are, and how preservation has an impact on keeping the history alive.
The big deal is this is an opportunity to talk about the societal influence of architecture. Programs explore how old influences new, how one’s views may be shaped by certain buildings, and how architecture along with transportation affects equity and social justice.
The big deal is this shows architecture encompasses more than just buildings. Architecture is about place and things like art, sculpture and nature can enhance, enliven and connect spaces.
These are all conversations that should and do happen throughout the year, but it is great to have a focused month to bring people’s attention to architecture’s role in where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going. Keep the conversation going and make it a big deal!
See a full list of Baltimore Architecture Month programs at www.baltimorearchitecturemonth.org.
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Sharon Day, AIA
GWWO Inc./Architects