November 13, 2017 / President's Letters

November 2017 President's Letter – Giving Thanks and Giving Back

AIABaltimore and BAF leadership volunteer during Doors Open Baltimore. Photo courtesy Mark Luthringer.

It’s a little cliché for November, but I like the reminder to take the time to be thankful for things. With many people busy these days and time seeming to fly by, it is nice to take a breath and think about the things you are thankful for that keep you doing what you do. When it comes to architecture and AIA I am thankful for…
… being in a profession and industry that make an impact in communities and people’s lives. As I have mentioned before, every person is affected by architecture every day in some way. We need to use that impetus to make positive change.
… the colleagues that I have met and grown with through AIA. AIA has provided great opportunities to share experiences and develop professional relationships that can carry on through my career.
… the leadership opportunities in AIA. When I became involved in AIA, I did not aspire to become president, but what I have learned from the various leadership roles is invaluable. Whether it is leading a volunteer effort, a committee or serving on the Board of Directors, you can find a cause to champion for the betterment of our profession and the built environment.
These things are what get and keep me involved in AIA. As often happens with thinking of things you are thankful for, come thoughts of how you can give back in support of these things. For AIA, there are a couple of upcoming opportunities:

Be thankful and pay it forward.
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Sharon Day, AIA
GWWO Inc./Architects