June 4, 2018 / BAF Forum

Moseley Architects Teaches Students at Armistead Gardens Elementary/Middle School about Design

Baltimore, MD (June 4, 2018) – Moseley Architects, formerly Marks, Thomas Architects, held a four-week program as part of the BAF Adopt-A -School program with the sixth grade students at Armistead Gardens Elementary/Middle School. “Scales of the City” taught students about architecture, urban design, Baltimore City’s design history, and design concepts like scale, context, plan, sections and elevations.

To engage the very large Spanish-speaking population, the firm offered brief presentations with key words in both English and Spanish. Following the presentations, volunteers from Moseley Architects held weekly hands-on activities where students used different materials to design their own city, diagram important concepts of the built environment in Baltimore City, and draw an ideal block in the context of their own neighborhood.

Moseley held the presentation for two different classes of about twenty-five students each, and had about ten staff members participate in the program throughout the four weeks. Moseley’s bi-lingual staff members were particularly involved to help ensure concepts were clearly conveyed in both English and Spanish.

With support from AIABaltimore and the Baltimore Architecture Foundation, FAR/Kids in Design has conducted outreach programs in schools around the region, increasing student awareness and appreciation of the built environment and introducing architecture as a potential career path. The Adopt-A-School program builds on this foundation by fostering partnerships between local architecture firms and Baltimore City schools. Lean more at http://baltimorearchitecture.org/programs/kids-in-design/adopt-a-school/.