August 10, 2020 / Chapter News and Notices

2020 AIA Baltimore Board of Directors Nominations

All AIA Baltimore members are invited to submit nominations for the AIA Baltimore Board of Directors following the process and criteria below:

Diversity Statement
The Board of Directors of the Baltimore Chapter of The American Institute of Architects is responsible for setting the policy, fiscal oversight, and strategic direction of the organization. In order to ensure a strong vibrant organization relevant to the architecture profession, and promote the role of architects in Baltimore, and Central Maryland communities, it is imperative that a diverse board is in place to lead the organization.

As part of the nominating process, board diversity is to be evaluated. In doing so, the following diversity criteria are to be taken into consideration:

  1. Membership category, such as AIA, Assoc. AIA, and Allied.
  2. Ethnicity and gender of individuals on Board.
  3. Practice type, to ensure that traditional architectural practitioners, educators, and non-traditional practice roles are represented.
  4. Firm size, to ensure appropriate representation from small, medium and large companies.
  5. Specialized expertise of individual members.

Board service is a minimum (2) year term with the expectation of continued and further involvement in the support of AIA Baltimore.

Selection Criteria

  1. Member of AIA Baltimore in good standing.
  1. Substantial  involvement and contribution to one or more of our many committees. Ascendancy to Co-Chair/Chair position of committee is a plus.
  1. Participation in AIA activities on a regular basis over successive years.
  1. Contribution by other means to the betterment of design and public awareness of the built environment.
  1. Term can be renewed with shown commitment with re-election.
  1. Expression of interest in an Executive Committee position can lead to the succession of officer positions beginning with Treasurer, Secretary, President-Elect, President, Past President and BAF board member. This is a five year commitment.

To be considered for AIA Baltimore Board appointment: 
Submit a 1 paragraph expression of interest in serving on the AIA Baltimore Board, and CV to current Board President, Scott Walters, AIA, LEED AP( and Executive Director, Kathleen Lane, AIA ( klane@aiabaltimore.comby September 2.
The slate of candidates will be finalized for vote by November 5, with the results announced at the AIA Baltimore Annual Meeting.