July 27, 2022 / Job Postings

Job Posting: CGL seeks Senior Architectural Design Associate

CGL is seeking qualified Architectural candidates located in the greater Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area to serve as Senior Architectural Design Associate I for projects in support of Owner’s Representative projects across the country.


Established in 1974, CGL has since grown into the largest, most comprehensive criminal justice consulting firm in the world. Our vertically integrated 360 Justice service platform provides justice owners with significant facility cost savings, increased facility life, and total understanding of the facility and operations. We are the leading provider of justice facility planning, design, program management and maintenance solutions.


The primary assignment is to serve as Senior Architectural Design Associate I for the transformational Baltimore Therapeutic Treatment Center (B-TTC) in Baltimore, Maryland.


The B-TTC is, at its core, a blending of people, programs, services, and infrastructure embracing a new vision for treatment and management of those citizens in Baltimore who come into contact with the justice system. CGL leads a team of national and local experts and serves as the Design and Construction Consultant (DCC) for Maryland Department of General Services. This 10-year project requires a Senior Architectural Design Associate I familiar with the design and construction process and the ability to manage a large, complex, and diverse team of professionals.


Project Duties and Responsibilities

  • Design Management
    • Work Under the Direction of the Executive Design Manager, Design Lead, and Project Director
    • Work with all firms and team members on the DCC team, including but not limited to: construction consulting firm, medical and behavioral health consulting firm and commissioning/engineering firm.
    • Ensure DCC adheres to DCC Schedule of Activities and coordinates with A/E Design Schedule of Activities
    • Review and recommend approval for DCC invoices
  • Meetings Management
    • Coordinate and attend all Architecture/Engineering (AE) design weekly meetings
      1. Develop and Publish Agenda and Meeting Notes
      2. Follow-Up on outstanding issues
    • Coordinate and attend Specialty Design Meetings requested by the AE Team
      1. Follow-Up on outstanding issues required by the DCC and/or client
    • Attend Meetings with DPSCS User Group Meetings
      1. Prepare Meeting Notes of User Group Meetings
    • Attend Value Engineering Meetings
      1. Follow-up on outstanding items from DCC and/or User Group Members
    • Design Review Management
      • Coordinate the Review of Design Documentation at milestones from all DCC Team Members
      • Assemble and organize comments from DCC team members
      • Prepare Design Compliance Review Comments
      • Attend all design review meetings
        1. Publish Meeting notes
        2. Follow-Up on outstanding issues as it relates to Design Reviews
      • Monitor the DCC Management of RFI and QA/QC processes


Please apply for the position using the link: https://bit.ly/3QlHvDL or email Recruiting Manager, Tammy Riley at tariley@cglcompanies.com