BDS Architecture II Students
April 18, 2023 / Center for Architecture and Design

Baltimore Design School Architecture II Student exhibit on display now!

Artist: Baltimore Design School Architecture II
1500 Barclay St. Green Space Plan Collaborative Artifact
Grade: 11-12
Media: PLA 3D Print, Chipboard, Spray-paint, Plywood
Art Teacher: Dustin O’Hara, Katie Zaeh
School: Baltimore Design School #382

On display at The Center for Architecture & Design
100 N. Charles St. Suite P101 Baltimore, MD 21201
Today – May 5, 2023

Baltimore Design School Architecture II students have designed artifacts that are based on both personal concept inquiry questions and a section of the site plan of our school’s green space. After extruding shapes from their site plans, they used their inquiry question concepts to design and 3-D model artifacts using SketchUp. Using the 3-D printed artifacts, the students designed several iterations of display cases, again using SketchUp to rapid prototype, before choosing a final prototype. They used patterns from their final SketchUp designs to build chipboard models of their display cases. Lastly, they built 3 pedestals to display their final designs, oriented in their original green space plan positions.