July 3, 2023 / Job Postings

Baltimore City Department of Planning seeks Panelist

The Department of Planning is currently accepting applications for the vacant Panelist position. Interested parties must send the following materials to UDAAP@baltimorecity.gov – please note that questions may also be emailed to this address.

The position posting will remain open until filled. Applicants will receive a confirmation email following reciept of application materials, and will be notified by Planning if they are selected for an interview.

Baltimore’s Urban Design and Architecture Advisory Panel (UDAAP) is a 4-person review panel made up of highly skilled design professionals.

Baltimore City’s Department of Planning utilizes UDAAP to improve the design review of significant development projects within the city.

Reviews occur about once per month on Thursdays, and are virtually via Webex.

We are open to utilizing the expertise of professional in nearby urban areas – Panelists are not required to be physically located in Baltimore, but some knowledge of the City is preferred.

Panelists receive a small stipend for their participation.

More about UDAAP here: https://planning.baltimorecity.gov/commissions-review-panels/udaap

Full application is available here: https://planning.baltimorecity.gov/urban-design-architecture-advisory-panel-udaap/udaap-members