July 24, 2023 / BAF News and Notices

Doors Open Baltimore Celebrates 10 Years With Special Partnership

Meghan Hudson, Communications Associate
Baltimore Architecture Foundation


July 2023 (Baltimore, MD) — For the first time ever, Doors Open Baltimore is partnering with one Baltimore City Main Street for its 10th annual city-wide festival, Oct. 7 – 8, 2023.

Doors Open Baltimore, hosted by Baltimore Architecture Foundation, is an annual city-wide festival honoring Baltimore’s diverse cultural tapestry by highlighting its vibrant neighborhoods, captivating architecture, and distinctive spaces that contribute to the city’s exceptional charm. Always occurring the first full weekend in October, dozens of usually off-limits buildings across Baltimore host open houses and/or guided tours for the public to explore.

Having unique character and creative spirit, Doors Open Baltimore has selected Waverly Main Street to focus on this year. The event will promote the local businesses, art galleries, and cultural institutions that make Waverly Main Street a thriving hub of creativity and entrepreneurship.

“Waverly Main Street is extremely excited to partner with Doors Open Baltimore,” Diana Emerson, Executive Director of Waverly Main Street, said. “Highlighting so many of our businesses, neighborhoods and hidden gems, Waverly is buzzing with excitement from long-time merchants to new up and coming entrepreneurs to visual experiences and a taste of Baltimore History! We open our doors because we want you to visit and to come see us often as we continue to grow and uplift the communities around us that we call home!”

In addition to this partnership, this year’s festival will expand its focus on artist spaces. According to Chelsea Thomas, Founder and Co-Chair of Doors Open Baltimore, planning for this year’s festival began with the goal to enhance the long-term sustainability and growth of Baltimore’s artistic and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“Our vision for our 10th anniversary begins with a deep appreciation for the artistic talent that thrives in Baltimore,” Thomas said. “This year, we aim to provide a platform for emerging artists, giving them a space to exhibit their work, share their stories, and engage with a diverse audience.”

One of these arts spaces is Art with a Heart, which provides equitable access to visual art experiences through public art installations, student engagement initiatives and more.

“Art with a Heart is delighted to partner on the Doors Open Baltimore initiative,” Randi Pupkin, Founder and Executive Director of Art with a Heart, said. “Art with a Heart believes in the power of art to enrich lives, beautify communities, elevate workforce development, bridge divides, and forge leaders of tomorrow. Through this partnership, the organization looks forward to sharing its mission and work with the broader Baltimore community.”

Doors Open Baltimore will continue to host dozens of Open Houses and Guided Tours throughout Baltimore County and City. Most sites and tours will be new in 2023.

To donate and support this event, visit our donation page. To stay up to date on the event, follow Doors Open Baltimore @DoorsOpenBmore on Instagram and Facebook.


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