November 15, 2016 / Advocacy

Community Resiliency Education

food co-op market

I am currently the president of my community’s Cooperative Market, supporting local food and goods.

By Carri Beer, AIA – COTE | R Co-Chair
It is my firm belief that our communities will survive any environmental disaster or social or political crisis through Community Resiliency. I will continue my efforts to educate policy makers, colleagues, community leaders and neighbors on how we are all interdependent and interrelated, and therefore united in our resilience.
Social Resiliency
Foster a supportive community. Love and respect your neighbor. In times of crisis, the person next door is your most crucial ally.
Local Food Resiliency
Community gardening. Eat fresh and local. Eat seasonally. Don’t pollute the Bay or litter the ground. Take pride in your streets and water—that’s where your food is coming from.
Environment Resiliency
Protect your environment. We are inspired by nature’s beauty. Take pride in your neighborhood and keep it safe.
Economic Resiliency
Invest in teaching skills to our local work force. Support your neighborhood businesses. Create jobs that benefit local food, environmental, social or energy resiliency within a neighborhood.
Energy Independence
Create healthy and safe, low energy demand homes and businesses with quality materials and progressive, thoughtful design. Add cooperative solar panels. Be energy independent.