March 28, 2017 / Member Resources

AIA Disaster Assistance Handbook

“Citizen architects” assist their communities through service on boards and commissions before and after a disaster to plan for hazardous events, ensure building codes are updated, and advise on responsible land use that will allow businesses and communities to assume operations more quickly after a disaster.
In a state of emergency, architects and engineers work together to determine the habitability of homes and businesses, preventing further harm and injury to unsuspecting residents.
This handbook will:

  • help architects better understand their role and how to prepare for and respond to disasters
  • prepare AIA Component staff to engage and coordinate their architect members and provide community discourse and assistance
  • explain how built environment professionals can work with architects and the community on disaster response and preparedness efforts
  • inform municipal governments of the unique ways architects assist the public and their clients in mitigating, responding to and recovering from disasters

Disaster Assistance Handbook, Third Edition, March 2017
Disaster Assistance Handbook quick guide