November 6, 2017 / Love Letters

Love Letters: Bromo Seltzer Tower

Photo courtesy Flickr: dannebrog

Dear Bromo,

You are beautiful! You are a melodic combination of brick and style, standing 289 feet high above the ground, a true trend setter of your time. With every glance I take of you, my heart races and my breath stops as I am once again floored by your architectural beauty and your timeless elegance. Even at a time when it is expected that old things would pass away, and as these newer, prettier and fancier buildings take the stage, you remain a beautiful piece of art with no expiration date. The truth is, you age like fine wine because with every passing year you stand as a reminder that the best things in life only get better with time.

You were forgotten for a while, and for a moment it seemed like your bright light had been put out as the people considered dismantling you to create space for other ideas, but that did not last long, because something as beautiful as you cannot be invisible at the same time. You quickly charmed your way in to the hearts of Eddie and Sylvia Brown who, under your spell, could not resist your beauty. They probably said to themselves Only the most beautiful things deserve be housed in something so beautiful because out of every possible option, you were made into an Arts Tower, a refuge for beautiful things and a safe haven for art works and their creators. In your bosom, artists create and display beauty, as the hallways are filled with the chatter and laughter of the admirers of these works. When the poets present their lyrical creations, the words bounce off your walls and burst in the air in an acoustic appreciation of vocal art. Despite the fact that you house a fire station at your base, the fire your beauty sparks can never be put out.

Charmed by you,