May 8, 2018 / Member News

FAR Scholarship Awards Submission Portal Open

The Scholarship program awards up to $500 for exemplary work by students enrolled in an architecture program and recognition at the AIA Baltimore Excellence in Design Awards on October 19 at Center Stage.

View the submission portal and guidelines

The AIA Baltimore Future Architects Resources (FAR) Committee created a scholarship program for students pursuing careers in architecture that awards design excellence. Winning projects demonstrate innovation, social responsibility, environmental stewardship and critical thinking. Submissions can be a single project, multiple projects or a research/theory paper (graduate students only).
Deadline: Submissions are due no later than Tuesday, September 4 at 11:59pm.

  • This scholarship program is open to students entering/beginning the final year of their architectural studies program (community college/undergraduate/graduate school) in Maryland.
  • Community college graduates enrolled in an undergraduate architecture program may apply.
  • The work can be a studio project, a competition, a self-directed project, or a graduate research/theory paper.
  • The student must be the sole author of the work and it must have been realized exclusively in an academic setting.
  • Designs completed in a professional office are not eligible.
  • Students who submit to the FAR scholarship are encouraged to also submit to student awards for AIA Maryland and AIA Chesapeake Bay.
  • Faculty sponsorship is required for all submissions
  • Participation is open to all eligible students at no charge.