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Celebrating a Century of Bauhaus – Reading List

Architects Bookstore celebrates the Bauhaus centennial with these books highlighting the spirit of this innovative movement in architecture and design:
by Gilbert Lupfer and Paul Sigel
Born and educated in Germany, Walter Gropius (1883-1969) belongs to the select group of architects that massively influenced the international development of modern architecture. As the founding director of the Bauhaus, Gropius made inestimable contributions to his field, to the point that knowing his work is crucial to understanding Modernism. His early buildings, such Fagus Boot-Last Factory and the Bauhaus Building in Dessau, with their use of glass and industrial features, are still indispensable points of reference. After his emigration to the United States, he influenced the education of architects there and became, along with Mies van der Rohe, a leading proponent of the International Style.
Pages: 96
Alexander Smith Cochran: Modernist Architect in Traditional Baltimore
by Christopher Weeks
Alexander Cochran of Baltimore (1913–1990) was described as an “architectural missionary.” Besides being devoted to modernism, Cochran was a highly romantic, deeply religious humanist who desired to keep the best of the past while adapting to modern needs. He transformed his city, pointing the way to its later renaissance in the 1960s. The book opens with a short biography of Cochran—peopled with the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, George Howe, Richard Neutra, and Eero Saarinen. The second half is a portfolio of Cochran’s work.
Pages: 173
The Bauhaus Ideal Then and Now: An Illustrated Guide to Modern Design
by William Smock
The Bauhaus Ideal is both a picture book and a guidebook to the fascinating and enduring legacy of modernist design, and to the continuing influence of Bauhaus on interior design—not just on architecture, but also on furniture, glassware, tableware, and kitchen utensils: the whole range of domestic arts.This unique volume introduces modern design principles and examines them from an historically critical perspective. It concludes with some ideas for melding modern solemnity with postmodern irony. And in each phase the illustrations speak as eloquently as the text—the whole serves as a beautifully illustrated design memo.
Pages: 150
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