Doors Open Baltimore

Launched in 2014, Doors Open Baltimore, hosted by Baltimore Architecture Foundation, is an annual city-wide festival honoring Baltimore’s diverse cultural tapestry by highlighting its vibrant neighborhoods, captivating architecture, and distinctive spaces that contribute to the city’s exceptional charm.
Save the Date: Doors Open Baltimore Open House day is Saturday, October 26, 2024!
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Doors Open Baltimore benefits Baltimore by bringing thousands of visitors to explore neighborhoods they may not otherwise visit, engaging with cultural sites to build new audiences, and changing perceptions of Baltimore for the better. It is an annual celebration of civic pride and a way for buildings, which normally recede into the background of our everyday lives, to take center stage.

By offering free entry, BAF enables a wide audience to participate – regardless of age, race, gender, ability, education, or architectural expertise. Offering experiences and encouraging dialogue about architecture and urban design creates awareness that the public has a stake in the design, development and care of its city.

Your donation supports us in making an even greater impact this October.